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Using Mail Forwarding Service if EBay and Amazon do not Ship to your Country

The best place to get different products at cheap prices is online. EBay and Amazon are the leading online retailers with a wide variety of products that are sold at extremely fair prices. You can purchase different products from eBay or Amazon from whichever country you reside in. As online retailing sites, eBay and Amazon are bound to sell their products to international countries.

What about Shipping?

Once you buy a product, you should fill in the shipping requirements and wait for the stated days to get your product. This easy process only happens if your country is listed as one of the countries in which shipping is available. There are some countries in which shipping is not covered. If you live in such countries, then you should opt for the alternative shipping option to get your product from eBay or Amazon.

What is the Alternate Shipping Option?

The alternate shipping option is using mail forwarding services to get your product shipped to your country. Many people have been using this service to get their products delivered in countries where eBay pr Amazon do not ship to.

How does Mail Forwarding Service Work?

Ideally, the mail forwarding service is supposed to redirect your product to a US address from which the product will be sent to your country. Mail forwarding services follow four steps as highlighted here below;

Step 1: Signing Up for Mail Forwarding Service

The first step is for an international to sign up for mail forwarding service with a US address. As stated, this address is just for forwarding the product.

Step 2: Use the Service to Make Purchase

After signing up, the buyer will be expected to make purchase from eBay or Amazon using the mail forwarding service.

Step 3: Seller Ships to the US Address

After making the purchase, the seller will ship the product to the mail forwarding service address. This is because this is the US address which the seller can ship to.

Step 4: Mail Forwarding Service Ships to International Buyer

After receiving product, the mail forwarding service then ships it to the international buyer to his/her country.

As simple as that, you can get your product even if eBay or Amazon does not ship directly to your country. You will be needed to pay the associated shipping costs. Even after paying the costs, you would still have saved a lot by shopping in eBay or Amazon.

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