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Crazy or Creative? Some Brilliant and Bizarre eBay Listings


If one person’s trash is another’s treasure, then the popular auction site, eBay, is the virtual pirate’s cove of loot and bounty.

Through the years, the site has seen more than a few unusual items, such as oddly shaped vegetables like the mutant cucumber, to the decidedly Holy appearance of the Virgin Mary on a partly eaten grilled cheese sandwich.

Of-course, food that bears a resemblance to well-known faces or objects is neither new nor all that unusual. It should be no surprise that these items make regular rounds on the eBay auction, although the length of time owners hold on to these items definitely crosses the border into creepy.

Some of the more noteworthy auction items may indeed surprise you. Initially noted for their craziness, they are better viewed as a channel to inspire any would be seller to think outside the box when it comes to selling items on eBay.

  1. Pick a Country…An eBay seller from Australia did indeed attempt to sell of the neighboring island of New Zealand. However, the auction was taken down within a few days and didn’t seem to be causing much of a bidding war anyway.

Iceland, on the other hand, turned out to be an entirely different story. During the peak of its financial turmoil, this Northern wonderland managed to push the bidding all the way up to $17.28 million USD. Who knew the northern hemisphere would have greater land value than the south?

  1. Believe it…OR NOT!...Religious items aside, there are plenty of eBay items that require a leap of faith from the buyer. One such item, “invisibility” was sold as a download as long as the buyer was willing to use it for moral purposes only.


A ghost, however, proved more difficult to sell, and a seller raising cancer research funds, found his ghost post removed after a few days. Apparently, eBay rejects ‘intangible items or items whose existence cannot be verified on receipt of them, such as ghosts, souls, or spirits’.

So, how does a ghost become verifiable? Put it in a jar of-course! Discovered in a defunct graveyard, the seller claimed the jar was causing him to be haunted by a ghost. The completely verifiable jar sold for almost $56 thousand dollars. A very clever way to squeak past the rules about tangible items.

  1. Never Been Seen Before…Last but not least, we cannot overlook the items that were sold on eBay that turned out to be honest to goodness, never-seen-before, bona fide discoveries. Really.

Specifically, there are actual life forms that we did not even know about until they were put up for sale on eBay!

For the bargain price of $27.11 USD, Dr. Richard Harrington of the UK Royal Entomological Society, bought a piece of Baltic amber containing the fossil of a species of aphid that had not yet been discovered. While he wanted to name his find “Mindarus ebayi” as a continuing tribute to the online site, he was forced to settle with naming it after himself. Nevertheless, the Mindarus harringtoni, now resting in London’s Natural History Museum, will always bear testimony to the iconic auction site.

There will never be a shortage of planes, trains and automobiles sold by enthusiasts, revenge-seeking spouses or junkyard proprietors for sale on eBay. Jars full of bugs, skeletal fairies and other oddities are quite likely the reason for the “weird stuff” category. Crazy eBay items never seem quite so far-fetched once somebody buys them.

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