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Pros of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

Sellers in Amazon who have taken advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) know of the great benefits they get. FBA sellers have an edge over their counterparts, the Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) sellers. Some of the benefits of becoming an Amazon FBA seller will be highlighted below here.

  • Access to Prime Subscribers

One of the benefits of being a FBA seller in Amazon is the fact that you will get access to prime subscribers. Prime subscribers are known to be purchase expensive items on Amazon. Furthermore, they are known to make regular purchases than non-prime customers.

  • Amazon Facilitates Shipping, Return and Customer Service

When you become an FBA seller on Amazon, you delegate the shipping, return and customer services to Amazon. When an order is made, Amazon will come and collect, pack and then send the package to the buyer. Amazon offers storing services and thus you will not need to worry about space in your store.

  • Higher Volume of Sales

A FBA seller is bound to have higher volume of sales as opposed to the FBM sellers. This is not a guarantee though the trend has shown that many FBA sellers increase their sales volume by up to 20%.

  • Customers can Pay more for the Same Product

It is interesting that customers shopping in Amazon are willing to pay more for the same product if the product is being sold by an FBA seller. Therefore, you can get more money for the same product by just becoming an FBA seller.

  • Reputation

Being an FBA seller offers you undisputed good reputation across Amazon. You can sell your products comfortably to many customers since you will be having a good reputation. In Amazon, a seller with good reputation is bound to have more customers coming their way.


The above mentioned are just a few of the benefits that FBA sellers in Amazon get. To get the above mentioned plus many other benefits, you should consider signing up to become an Amazon FBA seller.

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